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Passer by


Every morning

getting out of the metro station

on my way to work

i pass by

a lady.

Sitting on the floor

playing the harmonica

she wears many


It is

very cold

in Brussels.

Her face

is hardly visible

but I know

She is




Every morning,

I ask myself the same questions

“Have I really become a passer by?”

“Have I become imune to everything?”

“Has the system won?”

“Am I responsible?”

“Have I failed her?”

Every morning

I feel like


and talking to her

Every morning

I feel like

I am going

to do it

Every morning

I know

It is going

to change


Every morning

I simply

Look at her

and pass her by.

But I know

that I should


on hold


Take care of her.


Poem of the day: June Jordan

I was born a Black woman

and now

I am become a Palestinian

against the relentless laughter of evil

there is less and less living room

and where are my loved ones?

It is time to make our way home.

(thanks to Angela Davis for reminding me of such a beautiful poem)

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